PayPal Customer Connect Key Contributor

PayPal created an amazing social media portal called PayPal Customer Connect, where small-to-medium businesses could share their experiences and expertise in the world of e commerce.

I was invited to be a key contributor and post often on my favorite subject: I Love You for Business.

Here is my premier post from last November.

Joshua here from Vault Wholesale. We’re an online retailer of Gold, Silver & Platinum. eBay is one of our main markets (vaultwholesale— Platinum Top Rated Seller with 10,500 feedback) and we also sell online at our website, www.

We’re the low-cost leader of precious metals and are committed to outstanding customer service. My brother Joel and I are partners in the biz and our pictures are in every listing, as boys back 40 years ago, and now.

In my other waking hours, I’m the Johnny Appleseed of ‘I Love You’. I created an initiative called, “I Love You, World,” where all seven billion of us on the planet start every conversation with I Love You and go from there. I know that might sound awfully warm & fuzzy, or awfully confrontational, or just plain awful. Over the last four years, I’ve created initiatives, playshops and events around I Love You Made Easy. The participants get crazy-freed up around sharing ‘I Love You’ and find that it has an immediate, positive effect on their lives.

Now, I’m bringing I Love You awareness to businesses, starting with our own. At Vault Wholesale, one of our core values is Loving, and our customers feel loved. We deal in a commodity, a base-of-life security product. Our customers often feel vulnerable and suspicious when making huge purchases online or on the phone. And we leave them feeling whole, secure and loved. They often email us and say, “I love you guys.” That makes our day.

I’ll contribute a lot on this site, and I’ll probably talk a lot about ‘I Love You’. It has an impact on the bottom line and differentiates companies from their competitors. Online consumers have endless choices today; I like to think that companies that stand in I Love You have a competitive edge. Let me know what your thoughts are.



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