I love you. Yes, you.

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Joshua Abramson; the I Love You man

Welcome to my site! I support companies and people to focus on the big questions:

  • Who are we?

  • What’s our highest purpose?

  • How do we get there?

I’ve worked with companies like eBay, PayPal, and Symantec

to answer those questions and devise strategies to express their values in every interaction.

What most interests me is ‘I Love You’ as a core value for businesses and why it matters.



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5 thoughts on “I love you. Yes, you.

  1. Hi Joshua, I called in to Veronica’s show and talked with you both. I love you. It was a delight. I would love to continue our conversation.
    Hope we will have the opportunity and even to share hugs in person.
    As I mentioned on the phone I live and work at a clothing optional resort/community. (Lupin Lodge–www.lupinlodge.com)
    Also, please check out our website, http://www.thelaughingheart.org where you can find videos of our performances–all dealing with healing the separation, coming into unity with as much grace and laughter as we can summon.
    I would like to invite you to come to :Lupin any time as our guest–a short ride from San Francisco.
    One more thing. Lupin has 110 acres and would be a great site for day or weekend workshop and is very available for use. (The burners come here twice a year)
    Hope to hear back from you soon.
    Errol Strider, Director,The Laughing Heart and Strider Innertainment, senior Housekeeper, Lupini
    and BTW. “When you can laugh at yourself, you’re too slippery for you ego to get a hold of you.”

  2. Dear Ones,

    I love you, Joshua. I love you, Errol : ))

    The Ancient Trees and I were listening to Veronica’s KPFA show last Sun. eve and we heard the two of you. Wowee! are we inspired! We are working very closely together now, as the last of the 3% remaining ancient Redwood Forest as well as the Redwoods in Sonoma Co. and Marin are being senselessly slaughtered as our city planners collude with private biz owners to kill the very Trees that resist fire and prevent drought. The Santa Rosa Firestorm came within 10 mi from our home, so folks could be more focussed on doing things that prevent fire. Redwood Trees resist fire. The Great Love inherent in their DNA actually takes fire to burst open the seedlings so they can grow into their fullest entelechy, that is into a being that reaches up to 350 ft high (as high as a football field is long), a being whose roots laterally grow out to nourish all the other Trees in their vicinity.

    Years ago, I started regularly placing my palms on the trunks of tall, majestic Redwood Trees at UCSC, where I was a student, continuing this practice in Marin and now W. Sonoma. I could feel the continuous LOVE and JOY and PEACE that radiate from these ancient wise ones. When I had done this often enough, and had merged my life with the Heart of the Redwoods, I perceived that I needed to love my own life in Gratitude for all that I am and ignore the illusions of separateness created by the ego. I can now focus on my strengths and talents, and my willingness to develop them intensely enough to be of real service to TIKKUN OLAM, or “Healing the World” in Hebrew.

    Now that we are in the throes of Mother Earth’s Climate Catastrophes, She is calling out to allofus to MAKE HEALING THE BODY OF MOTHER EARTH TOP PRIORITY, rather than continuing our addictions to the familiar conveniences written into modern ways living. It’s not so convenient not to love our own lives enough or the Life Force on Mother Earth enough to change our speedy, fossil fuel burning lifestyles, as disease and crime of all kinds are proliferating…This happens when we separate ourselves from our Earthly origins, which are born from Divine Forces beyond the Earth….The only way to Heal the World and ourselves (we are the world) is by recognizing the Love Force that joins us all…to each other as humans and to our non~human relations as well.

    TIMELESS SOUND is the name of our Music Production Co. whose dual purpose is to offer the healing powers of Sound and Music to bring Beauty and Light, and to raise $ for Save the Redwoods League, which purchases, protects and restores the last of the Ancient Redwood Forest. Forests drive the Water/Air cycle, so the time is certainly NOW to pay attention to the elements in our design that we truly cannot live without: WATER/AIR/LOVE.

    *** Joshua and Errol, The Ancient Trees and I would feel most honored and blessed to sponsor each of you as Visionary Speakers at the ongoing series known as Concerts for the Trees. The first one will be in Feb. 2018 in an auditorium in Sebastopol. Seating: 350. For anyone else reading this, we love you, too, and we would appreciate your contacting us through Loriel if you wish to support these concerts in any way. We are receptive to Musicians, Artists, Dancers, Speakers and Funders. ***

    Please Google Loriel Golden TIMELESS SOUND Concerts for the Trees on You Tube to view the 12~min. video shot in the Old Grove of 800~year~old Redwoods of W. Sonoma Co, my beautiful home. I am shown singing/playing two songs and describing the what time it is in the evolution of consciousness, and how we must love the gift of Life on Earth enough to work together to protect and restore the very last of our Forests, beginning with Sequoias….

    May Peace, Joy , Love and Common Sense prevail,

    Loriel Golden and the Ancient Trees


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