the I Love You Man speaking at eBay Leaders Day

Had the most powerful, engaging, humbling, extraordinary day last December 4th.

The 850 worldwide leaders of eBay, from Director level to CEO, assembled to share the vision for the next year at Leaders Day.

I was one of four on a Sellers Panel, where we brought the best and worst of our experiences on eBay to a totally receptive audience.

I introduced myself as the Johnny Appleseed of I Love you, and how I Love You as a core value for business is my calling. The message was received enthusiastically. Later, we had lunch with the new CEO Devin Wenig and other top execs. wowwowwow!

I Love You became the running theme of the panel and I shared about how every interaction with our customers is a love letter, an expression of I Love You. The theme reverberated through the room and sparked a deep conversation about eBay as a heart-based company that continues.

I Love You is in eBay’s DNA. I believeĀ it was in Pierre Omidyar’s consciousness when he devised the business model, built of the concept of , “basically honest people doing business with honest people.” He knew that if that assumption was false, the business would fail.

It’s twenty years later and there are hundreds of millions of users globally. The data proves that the assumption was true. eBay has not forgotten their roots: as with every major company, they might have experienced ‘mission drift’. But they have not forgotten who they are. It would be my honor to support them in realigning as a heart-based company.

I love you!

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