The ‘I Love You’ World Initiative

‘I Love You World’ is an initiative where all 7.5 billion of us greet each other with
‘I love you’ as the starting point of our every interaction.

Why ‘I Love You’?

What a great place to start! It’s not about touchy-feely warm & fuzzy.
It’s about workability, agreement, respect, flow, enthusiasm, and acknowledgment of our fellow human being

  • Where did Namaste begin?
  • Where did the handshake begin?
  • Where did the hug begin?
  • …and how did they hit critical mass as a universal greeting?

Through your participation, you will cause new frontiers in openness and connection: we get that our community is the entire human race.

Take the I Love You Challenge today & leave a comment below to share what opens up for you.

The I Love You Challenge

1. Stand just inside the boundary of somebody’s personal space.
(It works better if you don’t know the person).

2. Look them in the eyes and say, ‘I Love You’.

3. Notice whatever story you have around ‘I Love You’:
(It means too much, too little, I got my heart broken, what if they take it the wrong way, (S)he’s cute, I’m mortified, etc.)

There are as many stories around ‘I Love You’ as there are thoughts in our heads.
Most of them aren’t good!

4. Consider this context:
‘I Love You’ means Nothing…and Everything.
Repeat it: ‘I Love You’ means Nothing…and Everything.

5. Share ‘I Love You’ with the same person again. See if it has shifted.

6. From this space, share random acts of ‘I Love You’ for one week.

Start and end every interaction with ‘I Love You’ and see what happens:
The person in the checkout line, business people, your Mom, friends, strangers, relations.
Sign your emails & letters with ‘I Love You’.
All of them.

Share ‘I Love You’ with every person, at the beginning & end of every conversation, and see what happens.

Take the I Love You Challenge today.
Leave a comment here & share what opens up for you

4 thoughts on “The ‘I Love You’ World Initiative

    • I love you, Terces. CafĂ© Gratitude and Gracias Madre were big inspirations to me in the early days of the movement circa 2009/10. Thank you for paving the way and holding the space.
      The mark of the movement is #iloveyouworld Feel free to share it like candy on all your social media posts.

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